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Measure O Senior Exemption

PLEASE READ: We have been alerted that there was an error in the uploading of Measure O exemption parcel numbers to Contra Costa County for some senior exemption applicants for the 2023-24 tax bill. We submitted a request to the county to remove the Measure O charge of $245 from the affected parcels and you will receive a new bill from them within the next few weeks. A few points to be aware of:

  • You may still receive the incorrect bill first. Some bills were already mailed out before we were made aware of the error.
  • You can look up your property tax bill on Contra Costa County's website to see if it has been updated while waiting to receive the new bill in the mail. 
  • You may apply for the 2024-25 exemption using the incorrect bill if you wish. 
2024-25 Measure O Application


PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT THE INTERNET COPY OF YOUR PROPERTY TAX BILL. This will significantly delay your submittal. Please call the county at 925-608-9500 if you do not receive a mailed tax bill. 

Please be aware that there will still be a $111 charge from RODEO/HERC FIRE on your bill. This charge is not exempt.


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