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NuStar Fire Update 

Community Update to the Fire at NuStar Energy Facility:

At approximately 2:00 pm on Tuesday a fire broke at the NuStar energy facility in Crockett. Two fuel storage tanks caught fire sending large plumes of black smoke into the air that could be seen throughout the Bay Area.   After a seven-hour battle, in a combined effort, municipal and industrial firefighters from surrounding jurisdictions, along with your Rodeo – Hercules firefighters, contained the blaze last night.

I would like to thank the community for its cooperation in following the precautionary measures that were put in place during the emergency.   Although this caused some inconveniences, these measures are put in place to provide for the public safety.

Currently Investigators are trying to determine if Monday’s 4.5 magnitude earthquake in the Bay Area is linked to fire. All operations have been suspended and shipments halted at the facility today. One Chevron firefighter was injured battling the blaze. He was treated and released and is expected to be OK. Firefighters remain on scene to monitor flare-ups and maintain foam blankets over the area of the tanks that burned. Adjacent tanks to the fire are being inspected for structural integrity.