The Board has heard you and is responding by providing the following updates:

Annexation Proposal – The RHFPD Board has made NO decision regarding annexation, and there will be NO decision made in August regarding RHFPD annexation.

Strategic Planning –  The topic of an RHFPD Strategic Plan will be on our Board August 11th Agenda. The Chief will present a proposal for a strategic plan from MRG.

Town Hall Community Event is on August 5, 2021, 7:00 – 8:30 p.m  

This will be an interactive zoom meeting where we will ask for input on the priorities and ideas around options to manage growth. Please come prepared to share your ideas!

Your Voice Is Important!

Responses to our Community’s Frequently Asked Questions

RHFPD Community Engagement + Outreach Calendar

July 15th – AP Triton presented full report to RHFPD Board

July 22nd – RMAC Rodeo Municipal Advisory Council Meeting  –  Chief Bryan Craig Presents

July 27th – Hercules City Council Meeting Presentation- Chief Bryan Craig Presents

July 28th – RHFPD Board Meeting – Workshop to discuss/finalize AP Triton Report

    • Board of Directors to discuss merits of annexation

August 5th1st  RHFPD Community Town Hall – Community Input + Voice

August 11th – RHFPD Board Meeting

August 24thTentative 2nd RHFPD Community Town Hall – Community Input + Voice

September 8th – RHFPD Board Meeting


Please reach out to us at (510) 799-8756