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Over the past few months, the District has conducted presentations to various community groups and has been out at community events talking with residents.  I wanted to take the time to answer some of the most frequently asked questions here.  Residents have asked why Measure O was placed on the ballot and if the measure is fiscally accountable.


Statewide policy changes have resulted in a significant loss of revenues for the District.  Measure O simply replaces local funding previously approved by property owners to maintain our local Fire Protection and Emergency Medical Services.  Without funding from Measure O, the Rodeo-Hercules Fire Protection District would need to consider reducing staff to three on-duty firefighters in one fire station, which could increase average 9-1-1 response times to over seven minutes.  This is outside the 4-6 minute window recommended by The American Heart Association.


Measure O requires all money be spent for 9-1-1 emergency response and fire protection services in Hercules and Rodeo-by law, these funds cannot be used for any other purpose.  Measure O includes independent annual audits, public review of all spending, and an independent citizens’ oversight committee.  Residents 65 or older may apply for an exemption.  No money can be taken by the state.


For voting or polling place information, contact the Contra Costa County Elections Department at (925) 335-7800 or visit:


If you are voting by mail, your ballot must be postmarked by Election Day-Tuesday, November 8, 2016.  Mail ballots may also be returned at Polling Places on Election Day.


For more updates on our city and factual information about Measure O visit:


Bryan Craig

Interim Fire Chief

Rodeo-Hercules Fire Protection District



Rodeo-Hercules Fire Protection District Save Local Fire Stations Measure

August 2016

Dear Friends and Neighbors:


On August 10th the Rodeo-Hercules Fire Protection District Board of Directors unanimously placed Measure O on the November 2016 ballot. If enacted, Measure O would help prevent closure of our Rodeo and Hercules fire stations and would simply replace an expiring property benefit assessment.


If adopted by voters, Measure O will address community priorities such as:

  • Maintaining local fire protection and emergency services response times
  • Ensuring fire stations are open full-time
  • Maintaining life saving rescue equipment
  • Maintaining professional firefighter and paramedic staffing levels
  • Maintaining all current local fire stations
  • Reducing the risk in property damage from fires


Measure O is fiscally accountable requiring independent annual audits, and an independent citizen’s oversight committee. All funds must be used only for the benefit of the community within Rodeo-Hercules Fire Protection District. No money can be taken by the State or used for any other purpose.


Thank you for your interest in Measure O. If you have any specific questions, please don’t hesitate to call:



Bryan Craig

Interim Fire Chief


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